23 September 2011

airplanes & parents & bears, oh my!

on the last couple of days that my lovely mama & papa were here we went out to john brown beach and watched the planes come in then my awesome friend Danielle took us out to see the bears! aren't they too adorable? i just want to snuggle them, all. can't wait to get home & head off to somewhere sunny with my man and lay out like that bear on the pipe! xoxo

19 September 2011

telling a good story

this is spencer. first, excited by a story i am telling, then realizing that it probably isn't true, well half of it atleast!  oh man, i can't wait to get home to that guy, even if he looks like the ghost from christmas past in these pictures (skype always washes your skin out) my mom and dad left today and alli flies in tonight at 11.  can't wait to see that rat.  we had a dangerously exciting two weeks.  one week to go!  my life is about to get a whole lot easier.


15 September 2011

spooky day

we set out on a little adventure to a spooky little cemetery behind our house. we thought we'd take a short cut and we ended up hiking through the bush, both kimmi and i slipped and fell on the same patch of green, and both laughed our guts out at each other, and finally we made it to the cemetery. we all got spooked out so we decided to walk over to micky dees for some big macs and sodas to calm us down, and it did. so good. going on a bear hunt tomorrow! xoxo

10 September 2011

skagway day two.

we walked, and walked and walked and still were behind my mom! boy can that lady walk someone's legs off! we walked the town of skagway for 5 hours today, we walked down the white pass railroad, to the cemetery, and hiked to reid falls. we walked back into town and savored some mango lassis, did some last minute shopping, watched a couple of klondike gold rush videos at the town historic center, and called spencer and laughed and laughed and laughed. i sure lucked out. xoxo


naturally we had two beds but when you love each other so much you always end up in one bed! & i really love these two.

white pass railroad

we rode the train to canada on the white pass railroad. we saw a couple of black bears playing in the mountains, spectacular views, caught a little bit of vertigo looking down 1000+ feet, and just really enjoyed ourselves. alaska just keeps getting better and better, only one thing really stinks. i miss spencer, really a lot. xoxo